100 RSS's

100 Uses of RSS Feeds

Many equate RSS with blogs and little else. However, we have found that RSS is multi-faceted and has a scope far beyond blogs. Take a look at these 100 ways that RSS is being used in real world situations: 
1. Homework Assignments
Schools and universities can use RSS to communicate assignments.
2. Coupons and Deals
To find discounted products and coupons using RSS, certain websites allow you toenter your zip code so that a custom feed will be generated for your area.
Example: Zixxo - https://www.zixxo.com 
3. Calender Updates
RSS allows you to create a business or personal calendar and keep track of deadlines with ease.
Example: Calendar Hub - http://www.calendarhub.com/

4. Birth Notices
You may monitor birth notices using RSS feeds.

5. Recipes
You can follow new recipes with ease using RSS feeds.
Example: Better Homes and Gardens Recipe of the Day -http://recipes.bhg.com/recipes/rss.jsp

6. Word of the Day
You may view a word of the day courtesy of an RSS feed.
Example: Word Smith - http://wordsmith.org/awad/rss.html

7. Sports Scores
Whenever a game ends, the final score can be automatically downloaded to your computer, cellphone, or other RSS reader.
Example: Totally Scored - http://www.totallyscored.com/

8. Track Shipments
You can interface with the UPS, FedEx, and USPS systems, making it easier to get the tracking information you are looking for. Simply enter your UPS, FedEx, or USPS tracking number and you will be given a link to an RSS feed containing the tracking information gathered from the UPS, FedEx, and USPS systems.
Example: Simple Tracking - http://www.simpletracking.com/ 
9. Demo Music
Up-and-coming indie artists can increase exposure by offering music demos via RSS feeds.

10. Sex Offender Alerts
You can receive notification when a sex offender moves into a specified neighborhood.
11. Virus Alerts
RSS can deliver new virus alerts, reports of the most prevalent viruses and hoaxes, and product advisories straight to your computer.
Example: Sophos Virus Alerts - http://www.sophos.com/feeds/

12. Informational Alerts
Public safety departments can use RSS to act as an information portal for the general public. These sites are not intended to supplant the community notification process, but to allow the criminal justice community to promote public awareness of any potential threats and to make information regarding alerts easily and conveniently accessible.
Example: Alabama Dept of Public Safety -http://community.dps.state.al.us/ 
13. Weather Reports
RSS feeds can allow you to monitor weather reports and alerts using RSS feeds.

14. News Headlines
You can follow the latest news headlines by subscribing to topical news feeds.

15. Ego Monitoring
Creating keyword search feeds allows you to monitor mentions of a brand, individual, or product. Example:

16. Sharing Bookmarks as Educational Resources
You may share educational or scholarly resources with classmates or peers using social bookmarking and RSS.
Example: Citeulike - http://www.citeulike.org/

17. Mortgage Rates
RSS can allow you to receive daily story feeds and personalized rate information.

18. Obituaries
You may monitor death notices by subscribing to the appropriate RSS feeds.
Example: NY Times Obituaries -http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/

19. New Logos
RSS allows you to receive updates each time a new logo is added to the logo directory.

20. Search Engine Listings
Each time a new listing is added to a specific category or under a specific keyword, you can use RSS to receive a notification and monitor search engine listings.
Example: Ego Search Feeds - http://www.rss-tools.com/ego-search-feeds.htm

21. Web Page Changes
You can monitor and receive instant notification of website changes via RSS feed.
Example: Montastic - http://www.montastic.com/

22. Restaraunt Specials
For Australian restaurants, RSS feeds that will show you the latest restaurants, restaurant specials, and featured specials are available.
Example: Best Restaurants - http://www.bestrestaurants.com.au/xml/rss/

23. Monitor Stocks
RSS allows you to monitor changes in stocks and investments, which are updated in the appropriate feed.
Example: Finance Investing - http://www.finance-investing.com/ 
24. Currency Exchange Rates
You may use RSS feeds to access accurate currency exchange rates.
25. Clinical Trials of New Medications
RSS allows you to follow clinical trials of emerging medications and experimental treatments.
Example: Clinical Trial Feeds - http://clinicaltrialsfeeds.org/

26. Classifieds
You can monitor classified listings for specific items with RSS.

27. Employment Opportunities
RSS feeds let you view and follow employment opportunities.

28. Houses for Sale
RSS feeds allow you to view and monitor listings of houses available for sale.
Example: Realty Feeds - http://www.realty-feeds.net

29. Bible Study
The systematic teaching of the Bible is also possible with the use of RSS feeds.
Example: Bible Study - http://www.biblestudy.net/podcast.xml

30. New Forum Posts
You can stay current on the latest forum posts using RSS feeds.
Example: FeedForAll Forum - http://www.feedforall.com/forum

31. Internal Corporate Communications
Within a business organization, RSS is instrumental in corporate communications.

32. Press Releases
You may monitor press releases in specific categories using RSS feeds.
Example: PR9 - http://www.pr9.net/rss/

33. Votes of Politicians
RSS feeds allow you to check the voting records of your favorite (or least favorite) political constituents.

34. Court Rulings
Court decisions are accessible online via RSS feed.

35. Auction Items
RSS feeds allow you to monitor listings on eBay, notifying you each time a new item that uses the keyword you are monitoring is listed.
Example: eBay - http://www.ebay.com

36. User Group Meeting Minutes
User group meeting minutes can be made easily accessible via RSS feed.
Example: Chicago Cocoa & WebObjects User Group -https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cawug

37. Dating Classifieds
RSS feeds offer you another means of viewing the dating classifieds of your local paper, with new listings automatically being added.

38. Public Service Announcements
PSAs are available via RSS feeds.
Example: CDC - http://www.bt.cdc.gov/rss/hurricanepsas.xml

39. Photographs
Microstock and stock photo websites provide new listings and categories via RSS feeds, allowing you to receive notification when new photos are listed.

40. Notification of Price Changes
RSS allows you to receive instant notification of price changes.
Example: RSStalker - http://www.rsstalker.com

41. Show Times
You can eceive notification of movie and theatre times via RSS feed.
Example: Yahoo Movies - http://movies.yahoo.com/rss
42. Association Meeting Minutes
Large organization and association meeting minutes can be made available via RSS feed.
Example: Boston Vegan - http://bostonvegan.org/index.php

43. Statistical Polls
RSS feeds allow you to monitor statistical polls.

44. Online Training
An RSS feed or podcast can deliver online training. New lessons are added on a regular basis and can become progressively more difficult.

45. Tutorials
Tutorials can be delivered using RSS feeds.

46. Cartoons
Cartoons can be made more easily available by RSS feeds.

47. Joke of the Day
Daily jokes can be delivered via an RSS feed.

48. High Scores
High scores on video games and players' standings can be distributed to players using RSS.

49. TV Recaps
Televsion show recaps can also be made available through an RSS feed, offering an easy solution to missing an episode by allowing you simply to subscribe to the feed.

50. Quote of the Day
You may recieve a quote of the day using an RSS feed.

51. Flight Deals
RSS feeds allow you to monitor travel deals from major airlines, allowing you simply to enter the city from which you normally depart to receive notification of any flight deals.

52. Available Apartments
You can receive notification of apartments for rent or lease using RSS feeds.
53. Notification of Events
RSS feeds allow you to receive notification of upcoming events for your location or region.
Example: Eventful - http://www.eventful.com

54. Corporate News
Companies often provide corporate news using an RSS feed.

55. Press Releases
Press releases are available through an RSS feed.

56. Software Release Notes
Software release notes can be distributed using RSS feeds, allowing you to receive instant notification of software updates.

57. Legislative Activity
Legistlative bills and laws are accessible via an RSS feed.

58. Health Alerts
An RSS feed can deliver findings from clinical trials, and other such health alerts.
Example - National Institute of Health -http://www.nlm.nih.gov/databases/alerts/clinical_alerts.html

59. Bankruptcy Filings
Records of bankruptcy filings are accessible through RSS.
60. Home Foreclosures
RSS feeds can also offer alerts regarding home foreclosures in your area.

61. Auction Alerts
RSS feeds can deliver auction alerts, notifying you of any new listings under a certain keyword.

62. Deal of the Day
An RSS feed can notify you of a "deal of the day."

63. Museum Tours
Museum tours are also available via RSS feeds.

64. Reports of Animal Abuse
RSS feeds can alert you to animal or pet abuse reports.

65. Travel Guide
You can use an RSS feed to access travel information such as travel deals and discounts.

66. Allergy Reports
An RSS feed can deliver allergy alerts.

67. Flight Schedules
You may monitor airport flight delays using RSS feeds.

68. Diet and Nutrition
Advice An RSS feed can make advice regarding diet and nutrition easily accessible.

69. Astrology - Fortunes
Daily horoscope feeds allow a feed to deliver your daily sun sign horoscope to you.

70. Search Craigslist
RSS search tools can allows you to search cragslists RSS feeds and locate items based on keywords.
Example: Craigslist - http://www.craigslist.org

71. Concert Notifications
You may receive notifications of upcoming concerts in your area via RSS. Example: SongKick - http://www.songkick.com

72. Restaurant Reviews
You may view reviews of restaurants in different areas using RSS feeds.
Example: Vancouver Restaurant Reviews -http://www.vaneats.com/reviews/restaurants/

73. Fashion Advice
You can access fashion tips more conveniently using an RSS feed.

74. Consumer Reports
Consumer reports are available via RSS.

75. Racing Results
You may access racing results more easily with an RSS feed.

76. Political Polls
RSS feeds can make the results of political polls easily accessible.

77. Political Debates
You may follow debates regarding local and state political concerns using an RSS feed.

78. Businesses for Sale 

You can learn about new businesses available for sale using RSS feeds.

79. Cars for Sale
RSS can allow you to view cars for sale with greater ease.

80. Reminders
You may recieve simple reminders for one-time or recurring events using RSS.
Example: ReminderFeed - http://www.reminderfeed.com 
81. Track Hotel Deals
You can track discounts and deals on hotels and travel destinations using RSS feeds.

82. Product Recalls
An RSS feed can deliver alerts of product recalls.
83. New Web Templates
Notification of newly posted web templates are posted to web template directories using RSS feeds.

84. Sports Team News
You can get the latest sports news on your favorite teams via RSS feeds.
Example: Sports Feeds - http://www.sports-feeds.com

85. Conference Schedule Updates
Updates to conference schedules may be accessible via an RSS feed.

86. PowerPoint Templates
RSS feeds of new powerpoint templates are available.

87. Community Service
You can use RSS to track volunteer opportunities in your area.

88. eBay Search Feeds
You may create custom eBay auction search feeds and and receive notification when new products are available for sale.
89. eBook Chapters
RSS feeds for many books are available online.
Example: iChapters - http://www.ebooks.com/rss.asp 
90. Audio Books
RSS can also make audio books more easily accessible.
Example: Librivox - http://librivox.org/podcast.xml 
91. Website Updates
RSS feeds allow you to keep track of news and events posted on websites.
92. Track Downtime
You may track the downtime of a website and receive notification of any problems it encounters via RSS feed.
Example: Site 24X7 - http://site24x7.com/index.html 
93. Trivia RSS feeds can be used to deliver daily trivia and brain teasers to you.
Example: Braingle - http://www.braingle.com/feed.php
Example: Disney Trivia - http://www.disneyworldtrivia.com/rss.php 
94. Museum Exhibit Schedule
Museum exhibit announcements and schedule changes can be delivered through RSS feeds.
95. Consumer Report Recalls
You can use RSS to monitor consumer report recalls and receive instant notification of recalls in specific categories.

97. WikiPages Updates
RSS may be used to monitor changes to WikiPages, in particular to track specific pages for any content changes or edits.
98. Tide Schedule
You may follow changes in the tide using RSS feeds.
99. Train Schedule
RSS and TXT feeds of subway outages are available.
100. Flight Delays
You can use RSS feeds to learn about flight delays through either airline-specific feeds or general flight delay feeds.
Example: Airline News Today - http://airlines.einnews.com/news/flight-delays 

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